2nd Open Call

OI2Lab’s 2nd open call opened on September 2nd 2019! If you want to learn more about the results click here !

OI2Lab is inviting project proposals from motivated SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to improve their existing products, services and/or processes or who want to bring a novel idea to life. 

OI2Lab will reward the 36 most promising SMEs with customized business support and innovation vouchers with a value of €5000 to tackle their challenge, address their need or realize their idea. The vouchers can be used to fund the initial stages of a cooperation with a European partner that will allow you to solve your business need and speed up innovation in your organization. 

OI2Lab will help you to identify a suitable partner for free, assist you during the collaboration with this partner and seek further funding, if required.

Deadline: 2nd of December 2019 17:00 (Brussels time)


About the open call

Customer needs are changing faster than ever before; products commercialized today could be easily considered outdated tomorrow. SMEs have to anticipate and adjust faster and faster to the challenges of this ever changing market environment. However, coping with those challenges while also running and growing a business, can be an impossible task for many SMEs that struggle with the relatively limited resources at their disposal. External support could prove vital in this context but is rarely for free or without strings attached. This is where the OI2Lab comes into play. 

The OI2Lab is running an open call for motivated SMEs that want to take their products, services or processes to the next level and better meet the requirements of their customers with the help of a partner from abroad. We will offer 36 of these SMEs with free support to find, collaborate and take the next step with the right partner, along with a small motivation of a €5000 in the form Open Innovation Voucher that can be used to fund the initial stages of their collaboration.

Our open call could be the means that can help you to co-design specs, integrate key components to an existing or new solution, run a first trial, or just purchase some consultancy services and take the first step towards developing the product or service your customers are asking for. Wondering if our open call is for you and your business? Check out our open call webpage.

Key criteria 

The OI2Lab is looking for project proposals of maximum 5 pages from SMEs, entrepreneurs or start-ups that:

  • Want to improve their current products, services or processes or want to bring a new idea to life
  • Have a specific technological need that can’t be solved internally. 
  • Are willing to find and collaborate with a partner from abroad (from another country). 
  • Wish to receive support towards boosting their business growth.

Who may apply?

OI2Lab will only accept proposals from Entrepreneurs, start-ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that are based in a EU Member State, an Associated Country or any of the countries included in this list.

More information about the evaluation criteria, what and how to submit your project proposal , can be found in the detailed open call description and in the Guide for applicants.

Deadline: 2nd of December 2019 17:00 (Brussels time)



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