INVITE aims at creating a well-connected Open Innovation (OI) ecosystem across Europe. To this end, it introduces and experiments with a range of OI support measures, services and tools that hold significant potential for improving Europe’s innovation performance by: 

  • Building stronger linkages between European innovation ecosystems.
  • Leveraging digital collaboration to facilitate cross-border knowledge flows.
  • Empowering a huge segment of EU’s industry (micro-firms and SMEs) to drive value from OI.
  • Supporting innovators to appeal and attract private funding to their OI projects.
  • Providing public bodies and regional authorities with cost-effective measures to foster OI.

The valuable knowledge, evidence and experiences gained through the experiments of the INVITE will be diffused across the EU so as to fuel their replication and scale-up for the benefit of the European economy and society as a whole.

INVITE’s Pilots and OI2Lab

INVITE deploys an interconnected pilot programme, supported by a suite of demand-driven services and digital tools available through its OI2Lab platform, to stimulate open innovation across Europe and empower businesses to tap into its potential in order to collaborate, innovate and grow.

  • Pilot 1: Innovation voucher scheme for Virtual Human Capital Mobility (HCM) employing digital means to enable cross-sectoral and cross-border collaborations. This pilot tests the effectiveness of digital collaboration and various incentivisation mechanisms in terms of streamlining knowledge supply and demand across organisational and geographical borders under the frame of OI.
  • Pilot 2:  An intervention which aims at assessing the effectiveness of e-learning approaches in terms of empowering businesses to effectively create and capture value from open innovation, therefore serving as a strong demand for external knowledge and ideas, be they existing or new.
  • Pilot 3: A public-private co-investment scheme which is aimed at demonstrating the potential of leveraging small amounts of public funding along with the right communication tools to enable fund seeker to access private funding for their open innovation projects.

In this context, the OI2Lab is a digital platform that has been co-created and launched under the framework of INVITE to offer a suite of demand-driven services and digital tools in support of the project’s pilots, while enabling OI actors and stakeholders to systematically collaborate, exploit existing ideas and co-create new ones in order to bring increased socio-economic value to European citizens.


Find our more about the OI2 Lab and its value propositions here!




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